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Feb. 19: 

We the Irrelevant's Kickstarter II has 30 backers as of today! Thanks to all who have contributed. I am $543 away from my goal. I've also received checks and cash either by mail or in person, and I'm equally grateful to those kind folks.
Just a note that may matter to some of you: Kickstarter's regs are such that, if I don't get to my goal of $2000, I don't get any money at all. I understand that some would-be supporters are not comfortable donating online. But, for those of you who are, may I humbly urge you to donate via Kickstarter. In order to accept the kind donations from those 30 backers and you, I need to get to $2000.
Currently, there are records from 10 legislators waiting at the Assembly Chief Clerk's office. It will cost $541.65 + postage for me to get them. Please help if you can.
Thank you.

Feb 13:

Today, I launched We the Irrelevant's second Kickstarter campaign. Democracy is becoming more expensive! I am temporarily - I hope - disabled. That means I must now pay for records and mailing if I'm to continue We the Irrelevant. 

There are now over 61,000 reasons to continue. That's the number of unique visits since I created my website. 

 The current WI legislature has big power and big plans. Citizens will be contacting them in large numbers. I want to know what those numbers are and what those citizens say. 

I have 20 days to reach my $2,000 goal. I'm asking for your help. In return for it, I promise to "persist".

Feb. 8: From Michael Moore -

"Throughout my life I have watched Senators speak vile, hateful words about women, Black people, Vietnamese, Mexicans, young people, Arabs, environmentalists, peaceniks, gays and others -- but NEVER have I seen them vote to shut a single one of them up. Until last night, when Senator Elizabeth Warren attempted to read a letter from the late Coretta Scott King addressed to the United States Senate. That's when Warren was ruled to shut up and sit down. And when she appealed, the Republicans voted to silence her under "Rule 19."

This morning you need to once again flood the Senate switchboard with angry, righteous calls demanding that the Senate take the virtual gag off her and let her speak. If we let them get away with this... you know what's coming. They are attempting to create an authoritarian, totalitarian state. If you've been hiding in your bubble, it's best to come out now.

US Senate: 202-225-3121 or 202-224-3121. Keep dialing like your democracy depends on it. Let them know we are a large, massive, outraged nonviolent mob representing the majority of our country and we will not be Rule 19'd. We will Rule 19 them out of office! They need to know that the Women's March on Washington NEVER ends. Be sure to tell your Senator he/she better vote down Jefferson Sessions for Attorney General, too." 

And, my letter to the editor, published on the CapTimes website:

Feb. 5: A general strike is being called for Feb. 17, the Friday before President's Day. I intend to join in, cane in one hand, small sign in the other. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary actions from ordinary people.


January 29: Extraordinary times call for extraordinary actions from ordinary people.

As tyrants take control of democracies, they typically:

1. Exaggerate their mandate to govern -- claiming, for example, that they won an election by a landslide even after losing the popular vote.

2. Repeatedly claim massive voter fraud in the absence of any evidence, in order to restrict voting in subsequent elections.

3. Call anyone who opposes them "enemies."

4. Turn the public against journalists or media outlets that criticize them, calling them "deceitful" and "scum."

5. Hold few press conferences, preferring to communicate with the public directly through mass rallies and unfiltered statements.

6. Tell the public big lies, causing them to doubt the truth and to believe fictions that support the tyrants' goals.

7. Blame economic stresses on immigrants or racial or religious minorities, and foment public bias and even violence against them.

8. Attribute acts of domestic violence to "enemies within," and use such events as excuses to beef up internal security and limit civil liberties.

9. Threaten mass deportations, registries of a religious minority, and the banning of refugees with particular religious beliefs.

10. Seek to eliminate or reduce the influence of competing centers of power, such as labor unions and opposition parties.

11. Appoint family members to high positions of authority and power.

12. Surround themselves with their own personal security force rather than a security detail accountable to the public.

13. Put generals into top civilian posts.

14. Make personal alliances with foreign dictators.

15. Draw no distinction between personal property and public property, profiteering from their public office.

These warning signs should be of concern to everyone, regardless of political party. In fact, historically, conservatives have been especially vigilant against potential threats to our constitutional rights.

All Americans must join together to protect American democracy against tyranny.

Consider yourself warned.

Robert Reich

January 23: And another visitor just gave me a heads-up that Ron Johnson's DC phone number was a repeat of Mark Pocan's. My apologies to all of you. The contact sheet has now been corrected. 

January 22: A visitor pointed out that Wisconsin's 8th CD Rep. Mike Gallagher was missing from the contact information recently published here. That list has been updated and rearranged for readability. You can find it here.  If you find any errors or omissions, please use the Contact Us form to let me know.

January 14: Yesterday, We the Irrelevant sent open record requests to Gov. Walker and the 58 WI legislators of both parties who are members of the following committees: 

  • Assembly:
    • Environment and Forestry
    • Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage
    • Tourism
    • Rural Development and Mining
  • Senate:
    • Agriculture, Small Business and Tourism
    • Natural Resources and Energy
    • Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry

The ORR asks for all citizen correspondence between Jan. 1, 2015 and Jan. 13, 2017 related to the following search terms: DNR, state parks, mining, climate change. It will be several weeks before results are available. 

January 11: There is updated contact information for all WI legislators here. Info for our congressional delegation will be posted shortly. 

January 10, 2017: New data is available! Thanks for your patience.  

January 5, 2017: The data collection is nearly completed. But, I was distracted. Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) distracted me. It's not the first time he's done so. Here's a link to his latest poke in the public's eye.  If you want more of that very special Krug sneer, here's a link to the first distraction.  

January 1, 2017: We the Irrelevant welcomed its 50,000th visitor in the last week of 2016. Thank you to everyone for your interest and your support. I've begun tallying all the data that's been waiting for my health to improve. I hope to post new totals before the week is out. I wish you all an active and productive new year. 



Nov. 16: Kudos to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for this timely research on open records laws around the country. Click here to see their state by state data base and read how public information is often not so public after all.


Oct. 11: I am still here although a little worse for wear. I'm in rehab recuperating from surgery, and all of my energy and focus is on a swift and complete return to normal. We the Irrelevant will have to wait until I get there. In the meantime, I urge all of you to get involved in whatever election activities appeal to you: phone banking, canvassing, sign-making, etc. This is an historic election. Disengagement is not an option


Sep. 4: I wish you all a fitting celebration of this Labor Day. My apologies for the long silence. My personal life and my health have combined to create a barrier between me and the work of We, the Irrelevant. I have piles of records to review and tally. I will do that just as soon as I possibly can. In the meantime, thanks for your patience.


Aug 20: Yesterday, Bill Lueders, journalist and president of the WI Freedom of Information Council, filed a lawsuit in Dane County Court against Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa). You can read it in its entirety here.

The following link takes you to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on the lawsuit. 

We, the Irrelevant's post concerning Rep. Krug's curious designations of citizen contacts can be found by clicking here.

Aug. 15: More legislators' names have been posted in What Happened to the Emails. 17 legislators reported receiving no citizen correspondence regarding the takeover of Milwaukee Public Schools although their names were on multiple emails reported by other legislators.

Aug. 5: New results have been posted for the MPS takeover as well as support for public education. The aggregate data by district has changed accordingly.

Aug. 4: My "What Happened to the Emails?" Facebook post has reached over 6,000 people! Let's keep spreading it around. I have learned more about the disposal of records from two Senators' responses. 

Sen. Erpenbach (D-Middleton) wrote: "Since January 1, of 2015 this office has received over 18,500 contacts from constituents alone. That does not include contacts from individuals that do not live in the 27th Senate District during the budget period which were responded to and were not kept by this office."

Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) wrote: "However, my office generally only tracks correspondence for constituents of the 8th Senate District."

I take these statements to mean that when we send an email to all legislators, it may be disposed of by those in whose districts we don't live. 

Here is my view: Constituents may have put a legislator in office, but the decisions she/he makes affect all of us. All of us have a right to be heard on the safety of our water, the quality of our public schools, and the integrity of our electoral processes. These are statewide issues. 

I suspect that We, the Irrelevant's totals for all of the issues queried via open records requests since October, 2015 would be far larger if document disposal were not permitted. 

The open records law has been under attack by the GOP majority. They want to limit it even further. It's in our interest as citizens to push for broadening it. That's the only way we'll ever know what the people of Wisconsin think about proposed legislation when candidates don't tell voters their plans in advance.


July 31: New data has just been posted. The support for public education total has increased by the number of citizens opposed to the MPS takeover

July 29: New data regarding the Darling/Kooyenga MPS takeover plan will be posted this weekend. In the meantime, you may find the new page interesting: What Happened to the Emails?

July 20: A milestone - We, the Irrelevant's unique visitor count just topped 30,000!

  • New data is available for Education and the Darling/Kooyenga MPS takeover plan. Click here.
  • New voter letters have been posted.
  • We, the Irrelevant's first brochure is printed and ready for distribution. Thanks to all who contributed via the Kickstarter campaign or with a personal contribution.
  • Bill Lueders, President of the WI Freedom of Information Council, has invited me to attend the next meeting of the Council. It's an honor to be included.
  • Sen. Luther Olsen (R-Ripon) has never responded to my request to review his records without charge. The law allows him to charge me "location fees" which means staff time. His rationale is that he is saving taxpayers money. I am a taxpayer. For me, the $61 he demands is a burden. Spread among the millions of WI taxpayers he says he's protecting, the cost would be too small to calculate.