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We, the Irrelevant


Thank you for your interest in We the Irrelevant.

My name is Sheila Plotkin. I founded We the Irrelevant in the fall of 2015. Its purpose is to disseminate data culled from open records requests (ORR) sent to the Wisconsin State Legislature. I hope you'll explore my "domain". I hope you'll learn something of value. I hope you'll share that with folks you know.

I've posted videos of various public appearances here. I believe watching and hearing someone speak is a good way to get to know them despite having never met. 

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Thanks for coming.


Dec. 3, 2018 Testimony before Joint Finance Committee

Opposed to lame duck legislation

June 2, 2015

Joint Committee on Health

In opposition to 20 week abortion ban

Spring, 2017: Testimony submitted to Joint Finance Committee hearing

Supporting increased public education funding

Jan. 14, 2015

Assembly Committee on Education

In Opposition to AB 1

April 22, 2016

Wisconsin Watchdog Awards

Accepting COPEE: Citizen Openness Award

June 8, 2015

Addressing the Sun Prairie Rally for Public Schools