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What We've Discovered

Issues queried are arranged alphabetically below.

For each issue addressed by an open records request, legislators are arranged alphabetically or by Senate and Assembly Districts. The Lame Duck Legislation and Gun Control have only an alphabetical list. Click on the links below to see the respective spreadsheets.

The aggregate data spreadsheet contains the results of all ORRs except for the lame duck, May, 2019 Joint Finance Committee, and gerrymandering queries. Legislators are arranged by district only.


Aggregate Data - Oct., 2015 to Nov., 2017

Education - Feb., 2016

Gerrymandering: May-June, 2021

Joint Finance Committee: Education Funding for 2019-2021

Milwaukee Public Schools Darling/Kooyenga Plan - Feb., 2017

DNR Cuts and Changes - Jan., 2017

Election Fraud: Aug., 2021

GAB, Campaign Finance, and John Doe combined - Oct.-Nov., 2015

Gun Control: Nov., 2019

Lame Duck Legislation: Dec., 2018

Water - Apr., 2016