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MPS Data by District

Below are all of the open record request results as of  Nov. 22, 2017. Republican legislators are arranged numerically by Senate (SD) and Assembly District (AD). Individual legislator's totals may have come from more than one ORR and more than one time span. If a legislator's line is blank, they have not yet responded to their respective ORR.

The purple highlight marks the 12 GOP legislators who reported receiving no citizen correspondence but whose names were included as recipients on correspondence provided by other legislators.

Given that the Darling/Kooyenga plan directly affects Milwaukee, Democratic Milwaukee legislators were included in this open records request. Their information is highlighted in blue. If a legislator was not queried this time, those cells are in grey.

0 means that the legislator claimed to have found no records. A blank cell means that the legislator has not yet responded. Since these ORRs just went out, it is too early to designate any legislators as non-responsive.