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Introduction to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

Here is a quote from ALEC's legislative membership page:

"Legislative Membership Overview

In state legislatures around the country, constituents and groups foster ideas, participate in discussions and provide their points of view to lawmakers. This process is an important part of American Democracy.

The American Legislative Exchange Council is America’s
 largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state policymakers, bringing together nearly one-third of the country’s state legislators and hundreds of leading industry experts and policy analysts to share ideas and experiences with their counterparts around the country, evaluate how policies work in other states and learn from others’ challenges.

Legislators receive academic research and policy analysis from industry experts who actually work with the issues, processes and problem-solving strategies upon which they vote, returning more informed and better prepared to serve the needs of their communities.

The centerpiece of Task Force projects is ALEC model policy. ALEC is the only state legislative organization that adopts policies and creates model policies for its members to use in their states. All of ALEC’s model policies are publicly available online."

To learn which Wisconsin legislators are past and/or current members of ALEC and what offices they held/hold there, click here.