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Jan. 27, 2020 - All Data: Gun Control

On October 21, 2019, Gov. Tony Evers called for a special session of the legislature to debate two gun control bills, one to establish a so-called red flag law and the other to establish universal background checks.  Both the Assembly and Senate sessions were gaveled to adjournment with no debate held in either chamber. 

On Nov. 11, I queried the entire legislature and the Governor. I asked for all citizen correspondence related to these bills and/or the special session itself. To date, I have tallied 13,987 citizen contacts. 

On Dec. 9, I emailed the 17 legislators whose records had not arrived. 10 of them responded, but 7 have still not sent records. If you live in their respective districts, you might consider letting them know what you want them to do.

I tallied NO if the writer opposed both bills and/or the special session. I tallied YES if the writer supported one or both bills and/or the special session.

Below are the results. As of today, I've received 125 sets of records in response to 133 requests. Rep. Jim Steineke (R - Kaukauna) has blocked access to public records in his custody unless I pay him $139.45. I have refused to pay. 

Those who have sent records are designated with a 1 in Column H. Those 7 whose records are so far unavailable are denoted by NO RESPONSE. 

Hover over the upper right corner of the spreadsheet to pop it out and enlarge and/or print it.