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We, the Irrelevant

The spreadsheet below contains Nov. 22, 2017 totals and percentages gleaned from all 6 ORRs (open record requests) sent to all GOP state legislators beginning in late October, 2015 and to some Democrat legislators as well. Legislators are arranged in ascending order by Senate District (SD). Within each SD, the respective Assembly District (AD) representatives are also in ascending order. 

Democratic legislators are highlighted in blue.  (Rep. Billings' DNR numbers represent sub-totals. There is more data to come.)

A zero (0) means the legislator reported receiving no citizen correspondence relevant to the ORR. NR means the legislator has not responded. Gray cells mean that the ORR wasn't sent to that legislator.

To see the spreadsheet on its own page, hover over the upper right hand corner. Click on the "enlarge" arrow. On the new screen, you can enlarge the spreadsheet. Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner, and use the slide to adjust the size. 

To enlarge the spreadsheet on this page, hover over the upper right hand corner. Click on the magnifying glass.

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Aggregate Data by District