We, the Irrelevant

Formerly known as We, the People

Key chains

Key chains, Magic Potions, and Contempt

Rep. Scott Krug, R-Nekoosa, received an open records request from We the Irrelevant. It asked for citizen correspondence regarding the proposed takeover of Milwaukee Public Schools.

This evening, at my kitchen table, I paged through the 88 sheets of paper comprising Krug's response. 

There was not one email or letter from a citizen. There was no mention of the proposed takeover unless you count several copies of Krug's invitation to the swearing-in of Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

No. Judging by what I received, rather than search their email server with the terms I requested, Krug and his staffer Dan Posca entered "contempt for the public" and pressed "Find!"

I paid $13.20 plus postage. They spit in my face, and by extension, yours.  

On this page are two of the documents I received. On the left, you'll see the kinds of key chains Krug wants along with an email from a potential vendor. On the right, you can read the first and last pages of an infomercial from American Patriot Daily about a frail, aging vet revived by a magic drink. 

I promised you key chains and magic potions. I delivered.

Krug delivered the one thing of which he has plenty: contempt for the citizens of Wisconsin.





Magic Potions