We, the Irrelevant

Formerly known as We, the People

Open Record Results for Lame Duck Session, 2018

The Republican leadership revealed a raft of bills late on Nov. 30. They held one public hearing on Dec. 3. They passed three bills on Dec. 4 & 5. Gov. Walker signed all three bills into law on Dec. 14. 

We the Irrelevant wanted to know what Wisconsin citizens were telling their legislators about these bills.

Below are the latest results of the open record requests sent to all 132 Wisconsin state legislators on Dec. 15 & 16, 2018.

  • Row 2 tells you how the legislators voted on the three lame duck bills that passed. The running total of citizen              correspondence/contacts appears in red in Row 4 at the top of Page 1. 
  • There are now 5 pages of results making the data easier to read than before. The 1 in Column H signifies that records have been received. If there are no numbers in that legislator's row, her/his records have not been tallied yet.
  • The word "paper" in Column H signifies that the legislator printed paper copies of responsive records rather than supply me with electronic records as I specifically requested. Those stacks of paper have cost taxpayers a great deal more than an email attachment, a thumb drive, or a CD. I've added Columns J & K so readers can see the waste and what GOP legislators expect me to pay for it. The records will languish in the Assembly Chief Clerk's office until those legislators realize the error of their ways. or the Court of Appeals confirms the Circuit Court in Lueders v Krug
  • Legislators are arranged alphabetically accompanied by their Assembly or Senate district number and home town. The Senate list begins in Row 137, Page 4. Each name is a live email link. If you click on it, your default email program will generate a new message to that legislator. 

Jan. 11, 2019: All Legislators